Kamal Agro Ltd. is dealing with Coffee and other crops like Cashew nuts. Kamal Agro Ltd is engaged with exporting Specialty Coffee and Conventional Coffee both Arabica & Robusta. Speciality coffee is the coffee which has good quality whilst tasting which score above 83- 85% and Conventional coffee is a FAQ which scores 80-82 %.

Kamal Agro procures coffee from different areas around Tanzania region. In Tanzania , we have  two sources of markets. The first one is direct markets from where exporters buy coffee directly from the farmers, Societies, Amcos and Cooperatives. In these markets , it increase the values of the product by helping farmers to get good returns. Secondly in Auction markets , where buyers attend the auction to buy coffee and it is where you can get more coffee depending on the bidding.

Kamal Agro Ltd offers a price which is affordable and we can cater Full washed coffee, semi washed Arabica coffee, Unwashed Arabica coffee & Robusta Coffee. We don’t offer certified Coffee right now but we can offer this in the future.

For Arabica coffee we offer all grades like A, B, AB, AA, PB, C, & Grinder Coffee. In Robusta Coffee we offer ,Over screen 18 , Superior, FAQ, & UG.

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  • Coffee (Arabica & Robusta)
  • Cashew
  • Avocado

We also deal with other agro products as per the customer requirements

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