Kamal – Artificial Limb Program

Among several of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, we are providing Artificial Limbs to the needy. Since 2014, we are organizing free artificial limb distribution camp in order to support people with the need of artificial limb through our Foundation- Peoples Empowerment Foundation. We have managed to provide more than 300 free of charge artificial limbs, which are manufactured at a special unit in our factory Chang’ombe- Dar es Salaam. With this program running, we have been blessed to watch people walk again and gain the ability to perform their day-to-day activities.

Chuma Art Gallery – Training Program

Kamal Group helped Chuma Art gallery to recruit and train 5 trainees for a duration of 3 months starting June 2019. The aim of the program is to ensure that the 5 artists to be reach the goal of making something out of themselves. We powered their dream to spread awareness and show their creativity in form of sculptures.