Food-aid Initiative for Primary School – Kerege Bagamoyo

Food-aid Initiative for Primary School – Kerege Bagamoyo

Realizing the need of work in education sector, Kamal has taken major initiatives for educational developments in terms of facilities and awareness.

Kamal Group has launched Food-aid Initiative for primary school pupils with dual intention of providing nutrition and encourage schooling. Currently 1250 pupils from Nzasa Primary School and Karege Primary School at Bagamoyo are benefitted by it.

As an impact of Food-aid initiative the problem of children’s absconding from classes at Dar es Salaam’s Nzasa Primery School is about to become a thing of the past. Kamal is planning to extend this program to other schools also.
Kamal has set the target to feed upto 5000 students in the coming years.

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